What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing generally refers to marketing on or with mobile devices. It can include any marketing activities though mobile whether it is an online shopping or sms notification for a product advertisement. According to  Andreas Kaplan, a professor and specialist of marketing, defines mobile marketing as “any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device”.

It is similar to internet marketing where marketers need user in order to provide services and advertising their products. Mobile marketing includes research to understand mobile user’s nature, designing according to mobile platform, and adopting various techniques of mobile marketing strategies. Make sure that people are continuously getting emails, sms, mms, and other means of advertisement in order to get connected with you.


Importance of Mobile Marketing

Today, a large fraction of population access internet through mobile rather than laptop or desktop. Mobile’s portability feature enables a user to get in touch with world through internet from anywhere and anytime. Increasing number of internet and mobile user drags a revolutionary trend in marketing sector called Mobile marketing. Here are some reasons which can explain mobile marketing importance in these days: